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Welcome to Seattle Good Business Network.
We’re a non-profit network of residents and local independent businesses that share a vision for a resilient, vibrant local economy - one that's rooted in local ownership, a healthy environment, and strong community. We're about jobs, sustainability, and keeping Seattle Seattle.

Through our creative Think Local campaign that gets people thinking about why local matters, the popular Dine Around Seattle events, and our exciting projects in the works, we're connecting, inspiring and promoting a coalition of local economy advocates. If you care about things like buying local, operating sustainably, and being more connected with your community, please join us!

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Watch Our Video

Why should we Think Local, and how can we make the shift? Watch the video, then pass it on!


That's a Wrap!

Thanks to the 1000s of residents, 100s of businesses, and 3 great years of sharing the Think Local love!


Next up: Direct Public Offerings

Join us in April, as we learn how local businesses can offer stock directly to local residents.