Research Report: What Seattle Really Thinks About Local

Exclusive Research Insights for Seattle’s Local, Independent Businesses

In 2014, in partnership with Hemispheres and TRAY Creative, Seattle Good Business Network produced a first-of-its-kind research study titled “What Seattle Really Thinks About Local.” The report examines the perceptions and attitudes of Seattle and King County residents when it comes to spending money with local, independent businesses. The insights drawn from this study are designed to help Seattle’s local businesses and business associations fine-tune their strategies to compete against non-local chains and corporations, and to drive loyal customer relationships.

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You’ll learn:

  • What Seattle-area consumers mean when they use the term “local”
  • The importance they place on spending money with locally owned businesses
  • The three specific audience segments you need to know
  • How much more, if any, Seattle-area consumers are willing to spend for locally sourced products and services
  • Their top purchase decision-making factors
  • The benefits and barriers to shopping local

Best for: Small businesses and associations that wish to get a broad overview of Seattle consumer attitudes, and to apply these general lessons to their own organizations.

Price: FREE

Full Report

You’ll receive all of the top-line findings of the free report, along with a much deeper dive into Seattle consumers’ attitudes towards shopping at locally owned businesses. The comprehensive data presented here can be specifically leveraged to develop key business, branding and marketing strategies.

The report features detailed breakouts for each of the three major consumer groups identified in the study, including:

  •     How each segment defines “local”
  •     The products and services they’re shopping
  •     The percentage of purchases from locally owned businesses
  •     Their media habits
  •     Their demographic details
  •     Anecdotal feedback (open-ended responses)

Best for: Companies and associations of all sizes that wish to gain an in-depth look at how Seattle consumer attitudes affect specific industry categories; learn how these attitudes differ by demographic; and develop business strategies based on this insight.


$199 for individual businesses

$299 for associations, networks, Chambers of Commerce (you may share the full report with your organization's members)

Special thanks to the City of Seattle's Office of Economic Development (Grow Seattle) for its support of this research.