Community Capital

Let's invest more here.

Seattleites hold an estimated $70 billion in long-term savings. Almost none of that is invested locally.

To explore some of the tools at our disposal to invest locally, in 2013 and 2014 Seattle Good Business Network produced Community Capital: Seattle, an event series designed to educate, connect, and spark dialogue around the emerging field of community capital. Our monthly audiences included investors, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, academics, philanthropists, students, and engaged citizens.

Featuring successful models from here and around the country, we focused on a different investment model each month, exploring how small businesses could access local capital, and how each model could be used to channel money into our local economy and build a thriving community. Topics included:

  • Cooperatives: a Model for Job Creation & Business Development
  • Local Investment Networks & Clubs
  • Creative Community Loan Models
  • Crowdfunding, CSAs and Pre-Sales
  • Community Banks, Credit Unions, CDFIs
  • Direct Public Stock Offerings

Resource Website in Development

In 2015, with charitable support from BECU, we began work on a comprehensive Community Capital resource website to guide local businesses looking for community-based capital. It will cover each topic above in depth, and offer case studies, local and national resources, and examples of other businesses that have used these tools. The site will be live in April,  2016.

If you would like more information, contact Erin Nelson.