Our core team is supported by a group of advisors that provide critical encouragement and insight, our business members that provide enthusiasm and often in-kind support, and our volunteers who just generally rock. 

Christine Hanna, co-director

Christine is an entrepreneur, non-profit manager, and experienced marketer. After receiving her MBA from the University of Washington in 1996, she spent six years working with online marketing companies, including goNextdoor, a marketing services company she co-founded. In 2002 she joined Sightline Institute (a Seattle-based sustainability think tank), and became well-versed in the many facets of sustainability and in operating a healthy not-for-profit organization. As Sightline's managing director, she was responsible for financing, strategic planning, and staffing the organization. Inspired by the "living economies" vision of BALLE, and the impressive impact of Sustainable Connections in Bellingham, she co-founded Seattle Good Business Network in 2010. Christine is a BALLE Local Economies Fellow, and serves on the City of Seattle's Economic Development Commission. Contact Christine at christine  (at)

Erin Nelson, co-director

Erin recently joined Seattle Good Business Network as co-director. Passionate about sustainability and community service, she brings a diversity of experience to her role. Most recently, she founded and managed a green events business focused primarily on non-profit fundraising. Earlier work includes serving as a US Peace Corp volunteer (Philippines), a US Senate aide, and an academic. She has an MSW (Public and Non-Profit Management) from UC Berkeley, a BA in political science (UC San Diego), and is ABD, PhD in Cultural Anthropology. Contact Erin at erin (at) 

Seth McKinney, green business outreach

Seth creates solutions that connect community, economy, and the environment. After six years in the financial industry, he earned his MPA from the University of Washington in 2013, focusing on community economic development. As a U.S. EPA graduate intern, he identified best management practices to help businesses reduce waste in materials management processes. Also in 2013, Seth helped to launch the City of Seattle Economic Development Commission with a strategic review and analysis of economic development planning in Seattle. Conducting this research revealed to him the deep need for localist values in the region. He joined the Seattle Good Business Network in 2014 where he helps Seattle business identify and implement strategies that make businesses and communities thrive by reducing waste, preventing water pollution, and saving water. Contact Seth at seth (at)

Andrea Porter, program coordinator

Andrea along with her husband, owned and operated Bluebottle Art Gallery and Store in Seattle from 2002 – 2010. Bluebottle built a reputation for being at the forefront of the DIY indie art, craft and design movement. In 2008 Andrea helped launch a small business conference for creative entrepreneurs called School House Craft. Each Fall leaders of the makers community come together for two days to learn new skills and find camaraderie for their small business ventures. She's excited to join Seattle Good Business Network as she is a firm believer that the vitality of our community is bound to those who find the passion to pursue independent business ownership. Contact Andrea for Dine Around Seattle at dinearound (at) or at andrea (at) for Seattle Made.

Jessica Lind-Diamond, CommCap series producer

Jessica comes to Seattle Good Business Network after six years of fundraising for YES! Magazine. She passionately believes that strong local economies are the key to thriving communities that benefit everyone. Jessica holds a double BA in Human Rights and Hispanic Studies from Trinity College in Hartford, CT. A Seattle native, she's happy to be back after living in Connecticut, Uruguay, Chile, and Bainbridge Island. Jessica enjoys growing her own vegetables, playing the piano, riding her bike, and turning anything that grows into chutney. Contact Jessica at jessica (at)

Board of Directors

We are grateful for the support and insight we receive from our advisors:

John Atcheson, Founder/CEO, Stuffstr

Leslie E. Christian, CFA

Jon Kroman, Attorney, Law Office of Jonathan Kroman, PLLC


David Korten, author, lecturer, founder, People Centered Development Forum

Derek Long, Executive Director, Sustainable Connections

Michelle Long, Executive Director, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies

Shaula Massena, Principal, Northwest Sustainable and Responsible Impact

Mike Schaefer, President, Soaring Heart Natural Bed Co.

Kevin Wilhelm, CEO, Sustainable Business Consulting