What Members Are Saying...


"I have had more positive results from running on the Think Local page than any other print advertising. I have had more people talking about the picture in The Stranger than any other ad I've placed, and people coming in specifically because of the Think Local program. I do thank you for all your hard work in promoting this program."
- Judy Ayers, 4 Your Eyes Only

"Think Local is one of the best organized and most professional buy local programs yet. I've been impressed by the quality and quantity of businesses participating. It's a great beginning of a new organization that's going to empower more and more people to buy and share locally with each other." 
- Allen Rickert, Top Ten Toys

"We've got to let the public know that it's crazy to buy from the mega-nationals. That if you want a cool city, you've got to support the local guys. Any small business needs to be part of this. If enough of us get together to do this it just takes off and becomes viral and people get more and more involved. Why wouldn't you belong to a local organization that supports local businesses?"
- Paul Beveridge, Wilridge Winery and The Tasting Room

"Being part of the Think Local campaign and joining with other businesses is strong reinforcement that we're local, and gives our business an easy way to communicate that we're locally owned. Seattle Good Business Network is blazing a trail, and it's up to the members to use it. The benefit is not just in the Think Local signage and collateral, but in creating a reciprical benefit between the businesses." 
- David LeClaire, Wine World

"The Network fully supports our values. But it's also connected us with new vendors, and gotten our name out in the public. We've gotten several new clients through the network. What stands out is the personal connection, and how professional and enthusiastic the organization is."
- Keith Kisler, Finnriver Farm & Cidery

"Being a member of Seattle Good Business Network is a fabulous opportunity to meet other people in the business community. We don't have time to hunt them down - this brings them together. I absolutely love the website, I love knowing that the owners of other businesses are just people - approachable, local, open, friendly people. I have a real sense of a pride in being part of a group that's doing something really important - promoting local businesses."
- Kari Erickson-Valenzuela, Mama K's Play Clay

"It's a really fun thing to be a part of. To be able meet to other local business owners, have a support network to find out what's going on in the community. If you're a small business, it's important to support other businesses. Plus, the more info the consumer has, the more likely they are to think local and buy local. Think Local is the only campaign that does this."
- Melissa Maffei, Tottini

"We've had a lot of people walk in and say "Hey, I saw you in The Stranger!" That kind of publicity is really great. "
- Eric Berg, JRA Bike Shop