People's Economy Lab

Building a community-centered economy in Seattle.

The People’s Economy Lab is building a network of leaders and advancing projects that meet local needs by putting people and places first. Our leaders are democratizing finance, real-estate, and work. They are building power in their communities, developing equitable policies, and supporting local businesses.  We are creating a community-centered economy in Seattle.

Lab History

In the spring of 2016, Seattle Good Business Network received a grant from the Seattle Foundation to help create—as an antidote to the persistent, systemic economic inequity that plagues Seattle’s communities—a blueprint for a local economy that is equitable, diverse, and resilient.

The People’s Economy Lab emerged. At its heart, the Lab is a core group of local economy leaders who are already working on the ground in innovative ways to localize the economy in service to our communities. The project convenes these leaders to create a shared vision and roadmap for a community-centered economy that works for everyone.

Our Work

The People’s Economy Lab is building a network of leaders, and incubating ideas and initiatives to create an economy that is equitable, democratic, diverse, and resilient.  We work for an economy that community its center through communication, research, and convenings, including monthly workshops for lab leaders, quarterly gatherings, and an annual summit.

The Lab is run by the lab leaders with the support of a project manager and is administered and supported through the Seattle Good Business Network. The Lab is supported by grants from the Seattle Foundation and JPMorgan Chase Foundation. If you would like more information on how you can participate, click here.